Sunday, January 22, 2006

Puthiya geethai!

Back to work on a beautiful Monday! (hehheee, being optimistic).

My weekend was nothing different. I am listening to a song and
drafting it for you too....


Kadavul thantha azagiya vazhvu,
ullagum mulluthum avanathu veedu,
kangal mudiye vazhthu padu!

karunai pongum ullangal undu,
kanneer thudaikum kaigalum undu,
innum vazhanum nooru Andu!

Ethai naam ingu kondu vanthom,
ethai naam angu kondu selvom,
azaghe bumiyin vazhkayai,
anbil vaznthu vidai peruvom!

bumiyil inbangal endrum kuraiyathu,
vazhkayil ennakondrum kuraigal kidayathu,
ethuvarai vazhkai allaikiratho,
athuvarai namum sendriduvom
vidai perum neram varum pothum
siripinal nandri solliduvom,

paravasam intha paravasam
endrum neengamal vazhnthiduvom!

( @Mayaavi )

Lovely words isn't it, even if you do not understand the words,
listen to this song from The words are so different
and nice, it is not telling to be like this or do that etc, but only
to live life as it is....

Though we have everything, manytimes we think about the things
that didn't happen to our life and feel different. I liked the movie for
this song, featured for this song is a physically challenged girl after which
I felt **handicapped**.

Everyone of us will remember Bhagavad-Gita's "ethai naam ingu kondu
vanthom, kondu selvatharku" atleast once in a while, but when? only
during some issues or only when we face a problem Strange!

I hope that you are getting what I am thinking, it is easy to write or say but
very difficult at this level to implement this. Each one of us is facing the life,
struggling, not only to make money but also to bring the happiness and
pride on the caring souls.

Niram marum uzaghil,
Nillaikum endra kanavil
vazhum manitha jathi,
athil valla villai neethi.......